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Frequently Ask Question

To become a new member of EURIDIS Association, you will have to fill in the preregistration form available on the Join Us page. You will receive some documents about the organisation of the Association (statutes, internal regulations, ...), the Members'Chart you will have to firm and send us back.

After approval by the Committee, the Association will forward you:

  • the international Euridis standard CEI 62056-31,
  • a set of presentation brochures,
  • the invoice corresponding to your entry fee: 3,000 Euros payable on receipt.

Fore more information, please check out the Join Us page of this website.

Nowadays, EURIDIS is the only international standard working with twisted pair cables for the remote reading of residential meters. The basic solution uses a field bus for communication. Nevertheless, because it may be difficult in some cases to install the two-wire EURIDIS cable, new AMR technologies have been designed over the last few years. It consists of specific gateways connected to the EURIDIS meter interface which extends the use of EURIDIS meters to other kinds of media like radio, PLC, or GSM.

For security, each programming of data is preceded by an authentication exchange. Authentication is carried out by an exchange of random numbers ciphered using a secret key specific to each Secondary Station. EURIDIS offers also, for some particular appliances, programming with no authentication and broadcast remote transfer.

You can have the list of EURIDIS products in this website, on the page Products. Here are listed all manufacturers of meters who belong to the Association. It may be other manufacturers over the world proposing EURIDIS products but without the garantee of a full conformance to the protocol. For any more information, you can contact us by phone or email (see page Association of this website).

The industrial messaging System DLMS is well suited to exchanges among small capacity and low cost devices. Remote access to such devices, requires a device modelisation that is independent of the manufacturer, the hardware used and the low level communication layers. Thus, a second architecture, called EURIDIS+, has been defined to complement EURIDIS original standard by allowing operation of DLMS services. EURIDIS+ is a protocol stack implementing a three layer data exchange structure, conforming the collapsed architecture recommended by the IEC. EURIDIS+ is fully compatible with the EURIDIS bus, which guarantees the possibility of mixing both devices on the same bus. The EURIDIS Association and DLMS UA are members one for each other.

The IEC 1142 (called later IEC 61142) was the oldest version of EURIDIS standard which became in year 2000 to the IEC 62056-31. The actual IEC 62056-3-1 is fully compatible with IEC 61142 which guarantees the using of IEC 61142 and IEC 62056-3-1 products on the same bus. In addition to IEC 1142, the IEC 62056-3-1 allows the following functions:

  • Point to point remote transfer, which is a simplified remote programming service (without authentication)
  • Broadcast remote transfer,
  • Communication with non-energised secundary stations
  • Alarm function,
  • Forgotten station call exchange including "Discover" algorithm (to avoid any collision while detecting new secondary stations),
  • DLMS services using the same physical medium and the same physical layer.

The EURIDIS protocol is well-adapted for all domestic electricity, gas or water meters. There is no constraints with the kind of data exchanged. EURIDIS can be used for various applications (remote meter reading, services for the customers, ...).

Yes, the EURIDIS bus is totally secured:

  • The bus is able to stand up a casual connection of the 230 V
  • It has not any polarity and doesn't need any specific locating of the wires of the twisted pair cable
  • Galvanic isolation is maintained between the bus and all primary or secondary stations connected to the bus; any default can not be propagated along the bus.

No, the magnetic plug is a passive component which doesn't need to be supplied.

No, you can use only the services you need for your application. All the communications services supplied by the protocol are totally independent between each other.

The EURIDIS field bus is very easy to install. You only need a twisted pair cable like a standard phone line cable. To prevent any EMC perturbation and ensure the security of the communications, we recommend you a sheated cable. Connection cases and devices are available to connect all the meters on the same bus (see products page).